Living at The Astor has its perks, and one of them is the fantastic dining scene that surrounds you. If you're a burger lover, you are in for a treat! Tacoma boasts some of the best burger joints in the Pacific Northwest, and we're here to help you sink your teeth into the juiciest burgers in town. So, get ready to satisfy your burger cravings right in your backyard.

Spanky Burger and Brew

Eight minutes away from home, Spanky Burger delivers on the promise of 100% fresh meat and natural ingredients. Locals love the spanky burger and recommend the house sauce with fries. With nachos and other foods, this burger joint is a must-visit! 

Burger Seoul

If you're in the mood for a unique burger experience, head to Burger Seoul. Located conveniently in downtown Tacoma, Burger Seoul offers a fusion of American and Korean flavors. Their inventive creations, like the Kimchi Burger and Bulgogi Burger, provide a delightful twist to your burger adventure.

Shake Shake Shake

A short bike ride from The Astor, Shake Shake Shake is a classic American burger joint with a nostalgic vibe. Their perfectly cooked burgers and hand-spun milkshakes are a local favorite. It's the perfect spot for a quick and delicious burger fix. Pair your burger with one of their thick, creamy shakes!

Frisko Freeze

Frisko Freeze is another family retro drive-in setting. Located just six minutes from your apartment, it's an ideal spot to enjoy a classic burger, hand-cut fries, and a creamy milkshake. The charming vintage atmosphere adds to the overall experience.

Living at The Astor means a burger lover's paradise surrounds you. Whether you prefer a Korean fusion burger from Burger Seoul or something unique, Tacoma has a burger joint to satisfy your cravings. Remember to explore these top five burger spots, each offering its twist on this beloved comfort food. Make the most of your time at The Astor apartments and savor the flavor of the best burgers in Tacoma.